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Based in Croydon, Servequip are the leading supplier of specialist food service equipment and service provider in the QSR, Pub Multiple and general foodservice markets. Included in their portfolio of clients are leading names such as KFC and JD Wetherspoon for whom they provide national service coverage. Other client services can include consultancy, operator training, installation and preventative maintenance.

“Having worked with Servequip since the beginning, ServIT Systems employees know our business inside out” says Don Hales, Financial Director.  “They work with all of our departments very closely, enabling us to provide excellent customer service to our clients”.

“We have been using ServIT Systems software solutions since 1999 and the software changes as our business changes so we have continuity with innovation,” says Neill Pearson, Service Director.



Sewlyn Rodrigues, FD of Wilcomatic, has financial responsibility for a very complex service business. There were a number of areas where we could enhance productivity.
We have written several bespoke modules which include:

We have written a module to allow them to record the sales of chemicals for their car washes. The orders are placed on the manufacturers automatically by fax and the customer invoice is generated in the accounts software. It also prints call lists for proactive selling to carwash operators and provides history of previous calls and orders.

Automatic stock allocation
The service centre places orders for parts automatically. The operator selects the service call, which supplies the engineer who wants the parts. These parts are automatically moved to a holding warehouse in the accounting software and a picking list is printed in the Croydon stores. Stores pick the part, confirms despatch and the stock moves automatically into the engineers warehouse (Van stock.)

Mobile Data
Using the mobile data system from Cognito (www.cognitomobile.com) we have enabled Wilcomatic's 77 service engineers to manage their day to day requirements and the service department to know the status of any engineer at any time. Forms that have been designed to enable the engineers to order parts by taking a picture or the required item, stock taking, quote building and various housekeeping activities are integrated into the engineers mobile data device allowing immediate transfer of data, images and service calls to and from the device.

stock administration tools
If you have ever tried to manage a large number of warehouses, you will know the problem it can be! We have provided a suite of utilities that allow them to manage 90 warehouses with a total of 288,000 product lines!
Over 80 reports and utilities

We also look after their entire IT needs for both of their centres - Croydon and Warrington.


The Ariston Group

The Ariston Group supplies commercial and domestic boilers and heating components around the globe. The UK subsidiary, based in High Wycombe, sells and supports Ariston and Chaffoteaux & Maury boilers.
Phil Goddard, the UK Service Manager, uses Service Manager product, to handle up to 400 service calls a day from all over the UK.

This system automatically informs service agents located throughout the UK of any warranty work that is required. The system also provides information for customers who need help and advice or an out of warranty repair.

Although Service Manager automatically sends out faxes and emails where appropriate, Phil's directly employed engineers needed more timely information with greater flexibility. They needed to have information at their fingertips, a method of navigating to each job, the ability to contact members of the team in the office and to transmit critical information for review by managers.

In partnership with Phil, ServIT designed and implemented a Pocket PC Mobile Service Management Solution.

When a service call is allocated to a directly employed engineer, the system automatically routes the call to the Service Manager Connect Module. This system formats the data for transmission and sends it for delivery to the engineers XDA II that is an integrated PDA, camera and mobile phone.

The engineer receives the job, enters the address into Tom Tom Navigator, a GPS navigation solution, also running on the PDA. This directs him to the precise location of the job, even down to the house number.

Meanwhile, the system is also recording his travel time, ready for transmission back to the office. Once on site, the engineer can complete the work, filling in the various requirements on his PDA, obtain a customer signature and then return the data electronically back into the service management system.

He can also send messages to the office regarding the availability of spares or obtain assistance from other engineers via the use of text messages, take a picture of a poorly installed boiler for review by the support team in the office, or see the history of the last four jobs done on this site.

Phil Goddard is very pleased with his totally integrated system and is now looking forward to rolling out applications to the sales force. He knows that ServIT will work with MTS to provide the best solution whatever the challenge and he can be confident that he is receiving the best value for money around.


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