Service Manager For Windows

If you have 2 or 200 service engineers or agents, this product will provide all you need to manage your service business. Service Manager has been designed to be the most flexible service management software available.

Service Manager is a powerful, user friendly, field service management package that puts you in control of your engineers, your jobs and customers and will help you manage your business effectively. It has been built to change with your needs, whilst remaining an 'off the shelf' product. If you went to our smallest and largest users, you could be forgiven for thinking that the software is not the same in each place. There is only 1 version of Service Manager but many ways in which it can work for you.


  • Service Manager Core - All of the functionality for managing your service business
  • Post Code Integration - Quick and easy customer address location
  • Call allocation - Assign the correct service agent using area codes
  • Escalation screens - Highlights your urgent jobs
  • Contract Management - Flexible contracts automatically handled
  • Stock - A complete stock management system including POP and SOP
  • Service Manager Connect - Transmit and receive work instructions and electronic forms
  • Document Management - Attach all sorts of electronic documents for future retrieval
  • Tracking Module - Keep an eye on your mobile assets
  • SMS Module - Send texts to your customers automatically to keep them informed
  • Mobile Forms - Capture pictures, sound, positioning data and signatures from the field
  • Reporting - Build your own reports, exporting them as PDF's or CSV's or to another database
  • Auto Email - Use the simplicity and low cost of email to enhance your service
  • PBX Integration - Connects to your phone system to 'Pop up' information when the phone rings

Service Manager can automatically despatch service call details by e mail, fax or mobile device. Once the call is completed, data can be automatically fed back in to Service Manager to update your records without the need for tedious keying of job sheet data.

With our remote call logging option, your customer's equipment can automatically place a service call with you, making you aware of a fault before even the customer does.

Built in stock management means that Service Manager ensures that you have complete control over stock in the field. If your engineer orders a part for a job and then does not use it, the system will alert you to this fact, saving huge amounts of money by preventing the hoarding of little used stock. At stock taking time, the system allows you to perform stock taking without having to put your business on hold.

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