Mdaemon Email Server - Take control of your email

Why you need your own email server

Email is now the most common means of business communication, but with spam being around 90% of all email traffic, you need a robust solution with anti spam and anti virus protection which has the flexibility to ensure that your emails can be processed in the way you want.

We recommend you choose the Mdaemon email server because

  • Easy to install and use
  • Protection against spam and viruses
  • Very flexible
  • Simpler to manage than Exchange Server
  • Web based email client
  • Compatible with all email programs such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Pegasus
  • POP3 or IMAP

RelayFax - An easy and efficient way of faxing

Most companies still empploy the use of fax machines. RelaxFax is an excellent way of integrating a fax machine with a pc or computer network.

RelayFax is a great tool for sending and recieving faxes to a desktop.

When you buy Mdaemon, and/or RelayFax from us, you get year round support - Free of charge


Further Information

MDeamon Product Datasheet


Further Information

RelayFax Brochure

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