Invu Document Management Software

Easy to use and affordable by any business, Invu Series 6 is the preferred document management solution for businesses of all sizes.

Before Invu, Digital Document Management had been considered the sole preserve of large businesses, but now whether 2 or 20 000 strong, Invu will provide you the benefits of a product which organises and stores the avalanche of paper-based and electronic documents handled by your business every day.

INVU Video Presentation

So what are the common workplace issues that Invu can solve?

  • Lack of storage space
  • Inconsistent filing methods
  • Time lost searching for information
  • The risk of documents being mislaid, misfiled or deleted
  • Slow response to customer queries
  • Inability to access files from off-site
  • Inadequate or inaccurate audit trails
  • Stress caused by the mismanagement of information
  • Difficulty achieving compliance
  • Discrepancies in business processes
  • Money lost through low productivity
  • Recent changes to the Data Protection Act

With today’s stricter legal compliance requirements, a greater need for exceptional customer service and the importance of environmentally-sustainable working practices, Digital Document Management is more relevant now than ever. Modern business simply cannot afford to be inefficient or inaccurate in the retrieval of information, or to waste resources in its storage.


  • Companies have typically shaved about 40% off stationary bills alone, and reduced the use of photocopiers significantly. Prime office space used to store paper is freed up, and companies have virtual in-trays, not paper.
  • The return on investment for this system can be 100% within the first year, in most cases it is not a cost for businesses; it is an investment that creates tangible returns very quickly.
  • Businesses are able to cut their filing systems significantly as files can be reduced to a fraction of their original size, eliminating the need for costly off-site archive storage.

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