Welcome to ServIT Systems

We have a broad range of products suited to service led businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a 2 person company or a global operation, we can provide surprisingly flexible and cost effective solutions to meet the challenges that you face.

If you have a field service operation and want to maximise the efficiency of your field based employees or contractors, we have Service Manager, an all encompassing, flexible software package that can easily be tailored to your exact requirements without long and expensive development time.

Have you engineers or other field based staff and want to maximise their productivity?

Take a look at our flexible, customisable Service Manager software.

Do you need a mobile data solution for your workforce?

We have 3 types of solution that can meet your needs and your budget.

Do you have a mountain of paperwork which has to be filed and/or distributed?

We suggest you look at Invu, our Document Management software and get it sorted.

Do you have home workers or want to take advantage of the latest telephone technologies?

If so we can supply a complete VOIP solution or a hybrid PBX.

Want to know where your workforce or vehicles are?

We can help you track vehicles or individuals for much less than you can imagine.

If you have a problem that is not covered by "Off the shelf" solutions, we can build you a bespoke application extremely quickly using our special Rapid Application Development tools at a surprisingly low cost.

Please have a look around our site to see the length and breadth of the solutions we offer and you will see how we put Service and IT together.